1940 Rome City Directory
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St. Paul's Baptist Church, 1 Shihley
St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Rev. H. Field Saumenig, rector, 101 E. 4th av.
Salmon, Alma B., smstrs, WPA, r. 316 W. 10th
Salmon, Benj. F. (Virginia S.), H collr, Milner Mtr Co, h. 802 W. 1st
Salmon, Benj. F. Jr. (Pearl D.), H collr, Casey Kirkland Mtr Co. Inc., h. 1100 E. 2d av.
Salmon, Chas. (Belle), lab, r. 607 Bailes
Salmon, Clevie, live stock, 248 N 5th av, .r Armuchee Ga.
Salmon, David C. (Nobie), pntr., r. 400 Grover
Salmon, Edw. (Ruth F.), trk dr, r. 706 N. 5th a.
Salmon, Fannie M. (wid. H. L.), r. 304 E. 11th
Salmon, Harry M. (Mildred), Harry's Auto Parts Co., h. 805 E. 2d av.
Salmon, Josie P. (wid. B. Z.), H h. 101 Burnett
Salmon, L. Edith, ofc. sec. Federal Land Bk, r. 1002 Avenue A
Salmon, Lottie C. (wid. C. G.), 1 mach. opr., Sou. Craft Co., h. 908 Darlington Way
Salmon, Lucy, H h. 400 Grover
Salmon, Mary F., r. 22 Oak (Tubize)
Salmon, Opal, Mrs., nurse, Dr. Alf S. Holler, h. 703 S. Broad, apt. 5
Salmon, Pearl D. (Mrs. B. F. Jr.), teller, The Natl. City Bk. of Rome, h. 1100 E. 2d av.
Salmon, Raymond, clk, McGowan Drug Co., r. 37 W. Blanch av.
Salmon, Raymond, clk, Lindale Auditorium, r. Calhoun rd.
Salmon, Ruth (wid. J. L.), tex. wkr., Anchor Duck Mills, h. 37 W. Blanch av.
Salmon, Sarah (wid. C. R.), r. 12 E. Blanch av.
Salmon, Seaborn W. (Grace D.), 1 collr., G. L. Hight Mtr. Co., h. 701 Avenue A
Salmon, Vera N., twister hd., T. C. Corp., r. 908 Darlington Way
Salmon, W. Edw. (Annie S.), 2 H (Huffman-Salmon), h. 109 Cherokee-Tel 1221-R
Salmon, Wm. (Harry's Auto Parts Co), r. Atlanta Ga.
Salmon, Wm. (Eula F.), 5 blacksmith, 536 Bailes, r. RD 3
Salmon, Z. W. (Josie B.), sweeper, T. C. Corp., h. 1 Dogwood (Tubize)
Salter, Lawrence (Beuney K.), tex. wkr., Pepperell Mfg. Co., r. 212 Garden av. (Lindale)
Salter, Leston (Helen I.), 2 h. 1618-1/2 Maple av.
Salters, Burt (Evelyn), tex. wkr., Pepperell Mfg. Co., r. 1441 Maple av.
Salvation Army The, Major Ruth Horgan, Officer in Charge, 310 E. 2d av.-Tel 2080(See Buyers' Guide)
Samaritan Hospital, Jerome B. Bryant, supt, 1106-1/2 N. Broad
Sammons, Burie (Louise D.), refrigeration repr, 15 E. 2d av., r. Pine nr. Roseway cir.
Sammons, C. E. (Eleanor J.), athletic dir., Darlington Sch., r. same
Sammons, Franklin L. (Frankie C.), H City Clerk and Tax Collector, h. 401 W. 5th,-Tel 647
Sammons, Louise D. (Mrs. Burle), slswn, My Shop Inc., r. Pine nr. Roseway cir.
Sammons, Vernon (Helen S.), tex. wkr., Anchor Duck Mills, r. 113 E. Main
Sampler, Robt. A. (Beulah), r. 108 Burnett
Sampler, Robt. E., emp, T. C. Corp., r. 108 Burnett
Samples, Bertie, lieut., The Salvation Army, r. 10 Elm
Sampson, Lamar C. (Sara F.), 2 H clk, T. C. Corp., h. 100 S. Hughes
Samuel, Ella, dom., r. 127 E. 13th
Samuel, Thelma, cook, r. 26 W. Forest
Samuel, Wm. A. (Callie), 7 h. 312 Camp
Samuels, Helen, H h. 1 Grasul av.
Samuels, Robt. F. (Valeria W.), 1 H clk., Ry. M. S., h. 17 Butler
Sams, Chas. L. (Lucile), lab, Fox Mf. Co., h. 116 Southern
Sams, Fannie M., elev. opr., First Natl. Bk. Bldg., r. 508 W. 13th
Sams, Jos. B., cook, Hotel Greystone, r. 508 W. 13th
Sams, Marvin, (Hattie, r. 914 W. 1st
Sams, Oliver, hlpr, Hotel Greystone, r. 508 W. 13th
Sams, Patty, cook, r. 508 W. 13th
Sams, Theressa, maid, r. 31 Gibbons
Sams, Viola, lndrs, h. 508 W. 13th
Sanctified Church (Holiness), 121 Grady av.
Sanderfer, Paul C. (May R.), agt, Gulf Life Ins. Co., r. Cartersville Ga.
Sanders, Christine, dental hygenist, Dr. Wm. Winston, r. RD 3
Sanders, D. B., student, r. 4 S. 2d (Lindale)
Sanders, E. L. (Judith), tex. wkr., T. C. Corp., h. 44-a Hickory (Tubize)
Sanders, Eliz., tchr., Lindale Pub. Sch., r. RD 4
Sanders, Etta J. (wid. Clyde), H tex. wkr., Rome Mfg. Co., h. 12 E. 10th
Sanders, Frank, instr., Fox Mfg. Co., r. 303 Pearl
Sanders, Frank, lab, C. of Ga. Ry., r. Silver Creek Ga.


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