"S" Marriages By Bride

A. H. Sheldon {5}16 Oct 1866A. J. Pinson
Ellie Shumake {10}06 Mar 1910John W. Simmons
Amanda Silvey {3}29 Dec 1857Albert M. Colbert
Virginia Silvey {3}27 Feb 1859Thomas Jefferson Harris
Eldale J. Simmons {10}20 Dec 1908Luther F. Ward
Ethel Simmons {10}26 Dec 1897Joe Garrett
Mary C. Simmons12 May 1859Wiley F. Carroll
Annie H. Simpson {1}06 Oct 1901James F. Wright
Bessie Simpson {1}12 Jun 1910Henry Peters Stoffregen
Carrie Simpson {1}22 Jul 1917James M. Kilgo
Eva Rhodolphus Simpson {1}24 Sep 1919Albert Beda Arrington
Mamie Simpson {1}14 Feb 1914H. Mark Kilgo
Maud G. Simpson {1}03 May 1919Paul J. Richardson
Nora Simpson {1}09 Dec 1906Jefferson Stamey
Sarah Simpson {1]29 Nov 1904Oscar H. McWilliams
Willie May Simpson {1}26 Sep 1919Roy Anderson
Zanie Simpson {1}28 Dec 1913Elbert C. Bishop
Barbara A. Stansell {4}27 Mar 1970David M. Sporman
Bessie V. Stedham {10]24 Jul 1916Onnie oscar Mull
Bethenia Stephens15 Mar 1838John M. Bridges

"S" Marriages By Groom

Monroe Harrison Shaw {10}15 Jan 1910Fannie J. Woods
David Shepherd {2}16 Apr 1941Vivian Neal
Seab Shropshire {2}28 Feb 1874Dilla Hughes
Seab Shropshire {2}25 Jan 1894Tamer Richardson
James B. Simmons {10}26 Dec 1909Nora E. Wood
John W. Simmons {10}06 Mar 1910Ellie Shumake
Doss Thos. Simpson {1}03 Jun 1917Ethel Drummond
James Wallace Simpson {1}04 Dec 1915Ruth Parris
Jos P. Simpson {1}27 Nov 1915Leila Morris
Marshall Simpson {1}11 Apr 1916Littie P. Jackson
Marshall Simpson {1}01 Feb 1914Dowdy Kilgo
William Simpson {1}10 Dec 1913Lillie Wynn
Cordle Ralph Smith {3}23 Mar 1940Thelma Beatrice Caldwell
Eugene Smith {10}01 Jul 1908Lena Hendrix
Isaac P. Smith05 Jan 1860Jane Walker
David M. Sporman {4}27 Mar 1970Barbara A. Stansell
Jefferson Stamey {1}09 Dec 1906Nora Simpson
Henry Peters Stoffregen {1}12 Jun 1910Bessie Simpson
Oscar Stone {10}20 Nov 1909Iva Hendrix
Osie Morgan Suite {10}28 Dec 1899Corrie Mull

{1} Submitted by Doris Robbins.
{2} Submitted by Dorothy Grigsby.
{3} Submitted by Netha Dunlap.
{4} Submitted by Barbara Sporman.
{5} Submitted by Walt Delamater.
{10} Submitted by Floyd Kin.

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