The following sketch and roster were obtained through courtesy of Jno. W. Quarles, whose father, Frank W. Quarles, was an original member. This record was filed with the Floyd County ordinary in August, 1898, in compliance with a state law passed just prior to that time:

The Miller Rifles left Rome about May 15, 1861. It was one of the ten companies forming the Eighth Georgia Volunteer regiment as organized in May at Richmond, Va. The company was named in honor of Dr. H. V. M. Miller, of Rome, one of the most distinguished physicians in the south.

Col. Francis S. Bartow was in command and Lieutenant Col. W. M. Gardner, of Rome; Major T. L. Cooper and Adj. J. L. Branch regimental officers.

The regiment was ordered to Harper's Ferry, Virginia, and joined the forces commanded by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston. It was one of the few regiments which bore the brunt of the fighting in the first battle of Manassas, July 21, 1861, in which the loss in killed and wounded was fearful.

The regiment served through the war in a brigade commanded first by Gen. Jones and later by Gen. George T. Anderson, better known as "Tige" Anderson. They formed a part of Longstreet's corps in the army of Northern Virginia, and participated in nearly every battle in which Gen. Lee's army was engaged, and surrendered with him and the army on April 9, 1865, at Appomattox, Va. Of the sixteen officers when the company was organized, only three were living at the time the above record was filed:
Col. John R. Towers, A. C. Morrison, first corporal, and F. L. Miller, musician.

The Miller Rifles was afterwards known as Company E, Eighth Georgia Regiment Volunteers.

Original organization officers:

Captain John R. Towers, promoted to lieutenant colonel and then colonel.
First Lieutenant Edward W. Hull (resigned December, 1861).
Second Lieutenant Dunlap Scott, promoted to first lieutenant and then captain.
Third Lieutenant A. R. Harper, promoted to major. First Georgia Cavalry, and then lieutenant colonel.
First Sergeant Oswell B. Eve, died of wounds received at First Battle of Manassas.
Second Sergeant J. M. Berry, discharged for wounds received at First Battle of Manassas.
Third Sergeant Curtis C. Campbell, died of disease, September, 1861.
Fourth Sergeant J. L. Skinner, by reason of substitution.
First Corporal Augustus C. Morrison, now living.
Second Corporal Thos. J. Hills, died of wounds received at First Battle of Manassas.
Third Corporal B. F. Price, died of disease in September, 1861.
Fourth Corporal Frank Lathrop, killed at First Battle of Manassas.
Musician J. H. Miller, died of disease.
Musician F. L. Miller, living at time of filing this record.
Surgeon Dr. A. M. Boyd.
Chaplain Rev. V. A. Bell.
Secretary-Treasurer Dr. J. F. Duane, killed at First Battle of Manassas.


S. H. Adams N. J. Fain Tyler Motes
W. J. Andrews L. L. Floyd J. T. Oswalt
Jas. W. Arp W. L. Foster Wm. Parks
S. B. Asbury M. L. Funderburk Geo. W. Payne
T. W. Asbury H. T. Garrett R. D. Price
John Bailey Thos. J. Glenn J. L. Pyle
Von A. Bell E. P. Griffeth F. W. Quarles
Edw. Bishop W. A. Hardin F. M. Reynolds
A. G. Bobo Chas. M. Harper J. W. Robertson
R. N. Bowden D. C. Harper John H. Silvey
A. M. Boyd H. C. Harper W. H. Skinner
Wm. J. Cannon R. J. F. Hill T. C. Sparks
S. A. Chambers C. W. Hooper J. M. Taylor
John H. Cooper Gabriel Jones W. J. Taylor
W. T. Cornelius Wm. A. King S. C. Trout
Jas. I. Davis W. H. May Wm. P. Trout
John Davis Joe McKenzie W. W. Ware
E. R. Diamond W. S. McNatt A. J. Wilkins
W. B. Diamond John Minton R. F. Wimpee
E. Donnough Jas. L. Mitchell S. B. Wimpee
E. M. Eason Thos. Mobley W. S. Wimpee
T. T. Eason J. M. Montgomery M. M. Wright
W. T. Evans J. E. Moore L. G. Yarbrough
John C. Eve    

Recruits Received in 1861
B. P. Barker John Hill J. M. Pledger
H. A. Brice A. C. Huntington Jordan Reece
R. P. Brice B. A. Johnston W. F. Rice
W. B. Dawson M. J. Johnston J. M. Sparks
J. T. Ellis Wm. M. Mobley W. M. Sparks
T. C. Estes Alex Moore Robert Wade
E. P. Freeman John Osley B. F. Whitehead
Wm. M. Greer Hamp H. Penny T. S. Williamson

Recruits Received in 1862
Seaborn Bolt David Hill F. F. Norton
E. W. Clyett J. M. Hill Daniel Parks
J. R. Eason S. R. Jones James Perry
J. A. Estes Wm. H. Jones A. J. Read
J. A. Frix Wm. Harris Jones T. K. Reeves
W. W. Garrett M. S. Judkins B. F. Reynolds
R. A. Graham B. P. Lanham Samuel Roberts
E. P. Hankins S. J. Lanham Thos. J. Self
J. A. Hardin J. E. Lee D. R. Towers
R. F. Harvey J. M. Martin H. I. Ware
W. H. Harvey B. F. May L. W. White
J. V. Henry W. H. McCroskey C. P. Whitehead
W. R. Henry    

The following sixteen laid down their arms at Appomattox:
W. T. Cornelius
E. M. Eason
J. T. Eason
Thos. J. Glenn
Lt. C. M. Harper
H. C. Harper
B. F. Johnson
M. S. Judkins
W. H. McCroskey
Joe McKenzie
A. C. Morrison
Geo. W. Payne
Hamph H. Henry
Col. J. R. Towers
Wm. P. Trout
A. J. Wilkins

The record shows that of the 145 men enlisted in the company from first to last, only 37 were living at the time the record was filed. Fourteen were killed in battle, seven died of wounds and 29 died from disease during the war. Only sixteen were present at the surrender; 42 had died since the war.

Source: A History of Rome & Floyd County, 1540~1922, Volume I, By George MacGruder Battey, Jr., The Webb and Vary Company, Atlanta, Georgia, 1922

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