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Cave Spring


Cave Spring, is still in existence,,, we are a thriving little town,,, the economy has hurt us as it has everyone,,,, we mostly have antiques, restaurants, gift shops, so forth ,,, of course the Georgia School for the Deaf is still located here, and has been since 1846,,, we have a Mayor, 5 Council Members, numerous churches,, elementary school, pre k through 5,,, wonderful teachers,, we also have a day care capable of taking care of over 70 children,,,,,,over 90 homes and buildings listed on the National Historic Register,,, come visit us some time,,, we have an arts festival the 2nd weekend in every June,,, we have a large spring fed pond for swimming, a limestone cave , open to the public,, beautiful grounds for picnic's and are for rent if you need more than one table,,,, come anytime,,,,,

Submitted by Nellie A. McCain

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