Clarence Rothwell Wilcox B.S., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D. Mathematics President
Ernest Linwood Wright B.A., M.A., Ped.D. English Headmaster
William Jefferson Judd B.S., M.S. Chemistry, Physics Associate Headmaster
in charge of Day School
Richard Murrell Yankee B.A. Mathematics Associate Headmaster
in charge of Dormitories
Robert Henry Cobb B.A., M.A. Latin Historiographer
Master of Lower Forms
Harry Chapman Milligan B.S. Mathematics Associate Director
Charles Scott B.S., M.A. ~ Business Manager
Ross McCain Lynn B.A., M.A. Mathematics Dean of Students
John Rood Cunningham B.S. Physics, Senior Science,
General Science
George Andrew Dorsey ~ Science, Lower Forms Instructor
Philip M. Ham B.A., M.A. French Instructor
Paul J. King ~ Latin, Bible Instructor
Daniel M. McNaull B.A., M.A. English, Mathematics Instructor
Worth S. Moser B.A., M.A. Spanish Instructor
Camille Dowell Scott B.S. Remedial Reading Instructor
Lamar William Smith B.A., M.A. History, English Instructor
Joseph Taylor Stukes B.S. History, English Instructor
William Edward Walker B.A., M.A. English Instructor
H. Edmunds White B.S. Mathematics Instructor
Hatcher Crenshaw Williams B.A., M.A. English Instructor
J. L. Brandon ~ ~ Bandmaster
Bernice Hall ~ ~ Secretary
Louise Hulvey King ~ ~ Assistant Secretary
Gladys Cunningham ~ ~ Librarian
Anne W. Rawson ~ ~ Librarian
Muriel Alexander ~ ~ Dietitian
Christine Moore ~ ~ Dietitian
Lily Stilwell ~ ~ Treasurer
A. D. Hull ~ ~ Assistant Treasurer
W. M. Gilbert M.D. ~ Physician
R. F. Norton M.D. ~ Physician
Ella Wyatt ~ ~ Nurse
C. L. Hale ~ ~ Infirmary Staff
Ida W. Hale ~ ~ Infirmary Staff
Leona Barnes ~ ~ Housekeeper
Emmitt O. Couch ~ ~ Maintenance

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